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Want to know more about our tiling services?

Tiles can be a great addition to a kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Our professional tilers have extensive experience & can help you with your project. We can advise on the best type of tile, different laying patterns, & waterproofing techniques.

Some tiling companies only do the tiling. Leaving you to source someone to remove the existing tiles; plaster any damaged areas / replace wall boards; tile the new area and clear the rubbish.

We take care of all of that – making life a little easier for you.

One call & we do it all. Your call matters to us, if we can't answer just leave a message or text and we WILL respond.

Alternatively, complete the form below & we will call you at a time that is convenient for you.

23 Holt Farm Way, Rochford, SS4 1SB

01702 910150


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